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 Sugar Futures and Options Market Trading


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The History of Sugar and Sugar Futures Trading

For centuries, sugar has been a highly valued and widely traded commodity. Sugar cane production originated, according to historians, some 2,500 years ago on the Indian subcontinent. Today, sugar is a basic part of the production and consumption of many foods worldwide which has made sugar futures very necessary to hedge production and consumption price risk.


ICE Sugar Futures and Options Quick Facts

  • 112,000 pound contract size

  • one cent move equals $1,120

  • trades Mar., May, July, Oct.

  • Sugar futures symbol (SB)


Here is a brochure from the ICE for sugar futures and options.

ICE sugar brochure


The September 11 terrorist attack destroyed the CSCE that was located in the World Trade Center in New York City. It was moved a nearby site and sugar future and sugar option trading were fully functional within within a few days after its destruction. It is a testament to the viability and strength of the futures markets. The Coffee, Sugar, and Cocoa Exchange merged with the (NYBOT) and again with the (ICE) and is the premiere world market for the trading of coffee, sugar and cocoa futures and options, and since 1993. Three sugar futures contracts (world raw, world refined, and domestic raw) are listed at the (ICE). In 1982, the CSCE launched the nation's first exchange-traded option on a futures contract when it introduced options on world sugar futures. Learn More >>>


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Sugar Futures and Options Contract Specifications


Futures Contract Symbol- (SB)

Contact Size- 112,000 pounds

Trading Months -March (H), May (K), July (N) and October (V)

Minimum Price Movement - 1/100 cent/lb, equivalent to $11.20 per contract

Trading Hours- 2:30 am -2:00 pm Eastern Time


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